20 October 2008

Being Safe...

Being alive means that eventually you will be dead.. the trauma of life is not that we live but that that life is inextricably bound to death. People are not traumatized when things workout against all odds... Ever wondered why we feel so entitled to live and enjoy life?

I was admiring the fall leaves with my wife yesterday and she said something that really stuck with me.

"Funny how the beauty we admire in fall is actually the color of decay and is the death of the leaf."

The statement seemed so profound and so simple. I don't think that it is surprising to most that there can be beauty in destruction, but I think more and more that this is because destruction always brings in it's berth new life. The death of the leaves is not the death of the tree nor even a regrettable part of it's life cycle. New leaves will be born again in the spring and will in turn purpose themselves once again toward the end of adorning that tree in the most regal vestments before depositing the nutrients that they borrowed for a time back into the soil...

From an eternal and universal perspective a human life must bear very little distinction from one of these aesthetic little photosynthesizers. We are born, we purpose ourselves as our destiny requires.. sometimes with grandiose flourish and sometimes with malnourished struggle but our existence is inextricably bound to the tree from which we flow and to whose roots we shall return.

From what tree do you grow and at whose feet will you lie in your death?

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  1. a beautiful contemplation.
    i knew this would appear here; i could hear it churning in your brain during yesterday's drive.

    i said, "funny how the beauty we admire in fall is actually the color of decay and is the death of the leaf."

    and then i felt this overwhelming gratitude towards the leaf. if even one part of their autumnal purpose is to bring aesthetic beauty, it is my great privledge to give their beauty purpose by admiring it.

    there is something to me doing what i was meant to do and the leaf doing what it was meant to do that brough a bit of much needed peace.