13 October 2008

Life, Death, Religion and Beer

Death is not the antithesis to Life,
it is part of its eternal cycle.
All life meets at this common point,
that it was conceived and now finds its end.

Religion is not Life's solution,
not its cure,
not its purpose..

Religion is our story,
it is our account,
our way of imbuing the mundane with meaning.
We live and die with Meaning...

Come pour one for me...
Let us imbibe as we imbue.


  1. favorite post so far.

    but then again, you knew it would be.

    i love your poetry. i think i should dig up some of the old stuff you wrote me and post in on the blog.

    no one will have any clue what you are talking about; you lofty ellitist you.

  2. Well, i'll pour you one, but it's gonna be a cheap mass produced one, since i'm too busy and too cheap and too transient to brew my own.

    But, here ya go anyway: This _____'s for you!

  3. Spoken like a true Bonhoefferian! There is no life together without death. So maybe his ultimate/penultimate really does work out?

  4. BTW, i told my friend Conrad about your site. He makes his own beer too and he's gonna have his eye on this site. So you better keep your science sound. And next time you're in SF (or he's in Seattle) you can have a beer exchange.