18 October 2008

The Priesthood of all brewers... now there's a theology I can swallow...

Its is important while working in the brewery to keep sawdust and foreign materials out of your beer.... not because you care whether there is sawdust in your beer but because it provides a convenient excuse to use your stein from Deutschland. The feeling of that sturdy porcelain in your hand and the satisfying feeling of flipping the lid open only to reveal a good half-liter of delicious hobo-beer, freshly blessed by vagrant yeast in a sort of Transient-Substantiation.

This Wednesday on "Brewthers night" I worked on the sparge tank some more... I mounted the temperature controller that I am planning on using for it and also installed the thermocouple for that temperature controller in the sparge tank.

The switch to the right has three positions. When in the upper position the temperature controller will be enabled to keep the water at 170 degrees, but when in the lower position it will enable the float switch to control the solenoid valve on the bottom so that the liquid-level of the mash is maintained during lautering.

Here you can see the solenoid valve mounted on the bottom of the sparge tank and the thermocouple mounted in the side.

And just for fun here is the rat's nest of wiring responsible for carrying about 5300 Watts (that would be about 25A at 220VAC once you account for voltage drops across the wiring)...


  1. just so we're clear...
    that's my stein.

  2. "Transient-substantiation"? Is that like when you become a hobo because you drink too much?

  3. i don't have any clue what you're talking about here, but the intense concentration on and effort toward the process is what brings a smile to my face.