09 October 2008


The newest incarnation of the brewery includes such features as:

  • Proportional Integral Temperature Control - this means the temp controller actually learns how often it is necessary to add heat to the wort and begins to anticipate temperature drops before they even occur.
  • Max Output % - This ensures that the heat elements (shown in the second picture here) will never be activated for greater than the specified % of the cycle time. This will be handy since when I left the elements on before it began melting the solder on the heat exchange tube.
  • Ramping - I have not implemented this yet but it will allow me to create temperature profiles which increase temperature at a specified rate.

  • Down-graded from a counter-flow chiller to an immersion chiller. The cost of keeping it clean seemed too high and it's jut one more thin that can leak. The immersion chiller will be less effective in getting a good cold break, but will be self-sanitizing with each use. Sweet! (See counter-flow on the left and my new built-in immersion chiller on the right).


  1. Easy champ. I can take a compliment, but my knees start shaking when you turn on the charm.