06 January 2009


Forgive me my people.. it has been some time since I have last posted. The truth of it is that I have been absolutely slammed at work and haven't wanted to even look at a computer monitor once at home... [sigh].

But an update: Beer.

We tasted it on Christmas day (New Year's day for all you early celebrators out there) and it wasn't great.. yet. The main problem was a strong green apple flavor along with a kind of "business" in all the flavors which lacked a cohesive character. The problem is almost certainly age for these symptoms (See www.howtobrew.com), and in spite of the fact that it has been aging for about 2 months I suspect that the cellar is a bit on the cold side for that yeast strain, which means it may take a bit longer to condition... possibly much longer.

So the waiting game continues.... I hope to have some more pics soon of us brewing up our next batch (a Belgian-style brown ale I think).

Cheers and pour one for me!


  1. you're a good boy.
    i am a failure of a helpmate/barmaiden because i always forget to go down with the male troglodytes and take pictures of the happenings.

    but mostly all i can remember to do is drink the beer and comment on how it's not yet ready.

  2. i will offer my tasting services on sunday. cant wait to see the brewing headquarters.

  3. "forgive me my people" --- that made me laugh, a vision of the saint making a calming gesture in front of a clamoring crowd...

    also, i can empathize - after whole days of answering a clanging phone, i can hardly bring myself to return phone calls even to good friends. get that thing away from me.

    re: candace as barmaiden: GUFFAW.

  4. Damn that cold cellar! How dare it not prepare the brew in time for celebration. That's ok though, that means there will still be some around next time out at the parents!