26 April 2009


Success, success, success.  Tonight's beer brewing was pretty close to perfect.  With all of our fancy new gadgets, brewing was a breeze.

Our brewing partner, Ben, joined us tonight and was worth his weight hops.  He helped us out a lot and made us laugh once or twice. 

Our recipe was for a "Fat Tire" style ale.  25 lbs. of grain, hops, water and yeast made for such an intoxicating aroma in the basement.

Our double water filter allowed us to use the house water instead of buying or stealing water from somewhere else.  This 
was extremely convenient.  

Joel rigged up our sparge tank with a digital temperature controller (so fancy).  It worked perfectly and was finished right when we needed it.

At the beginning of the boil, this crazy cappuccino-like foam formed at the top of the boil pot.  We couldn't resist tasting it.  It was so sweet and creamy and delicious.  We wanted to scoop it all off and put it on a cake.  

We used sort of a "tea bag" idea  for adding the hops to the boil.  This made cleaning the boil pot a whole lot easier and prevented the spout from clogging when we transferred the wort to the fermenter.  

The only hang up was the yeast.  It didn't seem like it was activating, although we had given it plenty of time and ideal conditions.  We decided to pitch it anyway, since there wasn't really anything else we could do.  If it doesn't start working, we'll just buy more.

All in all- the most successful brewing day yet.  My new keg is anxiously waiting to be filled with this delicious elixir, but we have a few weeks before then.  

We also decided to put away what was left of our last batch, to let it age uninterrupted by thirsty monks.

Enjoy the other pics and video.  Come on by next time and join the fun.



  1. You guys are having too much fun. >:{ Back to work! Make more beer so that i can visit and drink it!!

  2. I was NOT intoxicated in the making of this film...even though it may look like it.