18 August 2009

And on the 5,113,390,780,000th day God created the Internet

And God saw that it was totally awesome... decided to do some research on the history of brewing on Google books.

How cool are these??? :)

The complete practical brewer; or Plain, accurate, and thorough instructions ...
By Marcus Lafayette Byrn

Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Volume 1
By Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain)

Cottage economy: containing information relative to the brewing of beer ...
By William Cobbett

Malt and malting. An historical, scientific, and practical treatise
By Henry Stopes

Industrial and manufacturing chemistry ...: a practical treatise ...
By Geoffrey Martin


  1. What will be the focus of our book?

  2. does that make google the tree?

  3. A minor correction, Mr. Morris. AL GORE invented the internet, not God.