04 August 2009

Blog Slacker

Hey all,

Long time without a post so here's an update on catholicbeer brewing co.

As I am sure you are all aware, we served Batch #003 at Candace's birthday party, but we recently also released a batch of our #004 (St. Bernardus-style) and sweet Jesus blessed us mightily! It was highly improved by the extra time and I am so glad that we still have another 5 gallon keg of that batch still aging.. (I'd like to tap that one in about 4 months maybe).

We also included a limited release of about 12 bottles of our #005 (Oak Aged Yeti-style) and I think this was probably our most well-balanced beer yet. No discernible flaws other than that aging would give it that extra hint of sagacity.

But I also bear bad news... I checked in on the Brewery Sunday to work on some slight modifications that I plan on making (more to come on that later), and much to my chagrin I found MOLD.

And not just a few spots here and there... we had a forest of mold growing in the bottom of our kettle that was about 4 inches high. the was the slightest white powder on our hoses, handles, valves, mash tun... Holy Moley! The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Between this and the mole incident I think our next brewther's night will necessitate a deep cleanse.

That's right catholicbeer... you need an enema!

More to come.. (I promise) and in the mean-time...

pour one for me.