15 October 2009



Many of our fans are asking, "hey guys do you ever brew beer with lemons in it?"

Our answer to that is

Fuck no!

Reinheitsgebot demands the highest level of purity. The debate hearkens back to the age-old question, "is it right to put steak sauce on a steak?".

Now don't get me wrong. Adjunct ingredients like lemons, fruit and steak-sauce do have a place in this world. They are for people who simply don't like the taste of beer or alternatively, like the taste of beer but from time to time feel it is good and appropriate to sip some other beverage that once resembled beer.

At catholicbeer brewing company we feel no such need. Beer is always welcome here and we would never aske it to be anything for us other than what it is already. We accept beer and believe in beer and refuse to contribute to movies, commercials and the media who constantly tell beer that it is not good enough and that if "it only had a sweet fruity nectar" or if "it had fewer calories" or if "it only tasted like lemons" then it would be acceptable to us.

My followers... let's not contribute to a low esteem of beer. Let us study the ancient art of Reinheitsgebot and be glad in our souls to have such intimate moments with another living thing.

Hallelujah, Amen.


  1. As a steak-sauce user, I resent this comment.

    Also, what about the use of cassis or rasberry to brew lambic? Isn't lemon just another fruit?

    Dear brewer, you seem rather hypocritical.

    And sexy.

  2. That said, our last two batches hardly resembled anything that could be called "beer".

  3. There's nothing wrong with steak-sauce.. if you hate steaks and think they taste "gamey".

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  5. I'm a bit torn here... because some of the best beer (rather ale) I've tasted was made from heath and elderflower in scotland.

    And what about oatmeal stout?

    That said I love your sentiment at Catholicbeer... We accept beer and believe in beer. Amen!