30 November 2009

Batch #008

WE DID IT!! We finally got around to brewing again.  Check out this quick recap of the day.

Quote of the day:
"Just because we brew doesn't mean we're barbarians," spake Brian as he sipped his Earl Grey tea in its floral patterned mug.

-The Zealot


  1. LOL! Nice work Brian.. what a masterpiece! As always a pleasure brewing with you brother. :)

  2. fabulous video, hobro.

    great job boys.

    joel, you're cute.

  3. Each video from catholic beer leaves me inspired and thirsty. Sorry to hear about your lowlights; but I have a good feeling about this winter warmer - and can I just say what lovely mugs, and that ending montage!

  4. Yes.. we do have lovely mugs don't we... :)