03 November 2009

All-Halloweds Eve


The Eve of All-Saints day has borne on this year a new tradition...  Pumpkin Steins.

...and from it we drink Pumpkin ale.  For our virgin attempt we have chosen Night Owl Pumpkin ale by the Elysian Brewing Company.  This beer is brewed locally in Seattle and with 150 pounds of pumpkin in each batch.  Zounds! Furthermore the beer self-described as "big, mouth-coating and satisfying."

Well I don't know about that, but I can say that pumpkin beer is the only beer you can drink out of a pumpkin without it tasting overly... ...pumpkiny.

You can bet that future iterations of this holiday tradition will explore both new beers and more exotic incarnations of the pumpkin stein.


Pour one for me...