16 November 2009

Credo ut Intelligam

Joel introduced me to this quote from St. Anselm of Canterbury.  In Latin, it means, "I believe so that I may understand."  I feel that my brewing journey could be set against the backdrop of this quote.  I often fell into nodding and "uh huh" sessions as Joel would explain to me how to calculate the alcohol volume in our brew, or why the mash temperature was critical, or anything related to electricity.  In my confusion, I had faith that it would one day become clear.  I just had to believe, and wait for understanding.  I had to be willing to give up the security of knowledge and embrace the blindness of faith.

Perhaps if Anselm were here, he might give me more insight into what he originally meant.  And I'm sure he'd be more than happy to throw back a few homebrews with me.

-The Zealot

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