18 November 2009

Eviction Ultimatum

The Saint and I have received an eviction ultimatum.  You see, Joel and I are passionate about our brewing, but as past videos have demonstrated, we are not always passionate about cleanliness.  Our landlord (that might be the wrong term, does "landlord" imply that we're paying any kind of rent?) has told us to clean up or pack up.

Soooo... tomorrow night will be filled with raucous cleaning and merriment.  I'm sure we'll have a few before, after, and during shots to satisfy you visual gluttons.


- The Zealot

circa May 2008


  1. You should have posted that insane letter.

  2. That's pretty much awesome. I want to see an "insane" letter!

  3. Can you juggle and clean at the same time?

  4. I can barely juggle as it is ...especially after a few...

  5. I actually took two juggling classes in P.E. in middle school. So what? What did you do? Volleyball? Loser...

    Actually, I like volleyball.