12 November 2009

Happy Anniversary Us!!! ...and to my sister too I guess...

It's been tough but we made it!  Brian and I have been brothers for 4 years now!  Huzzah!  I think the thing that has really kept us together through the years is the fact that we are both awesome.

But I know you are all wanting to see some pics of us from the old days so I have selected two to honor this occasion.



Thanks Brian for being a good brewther and a great husband to my little sister!  Glad you could join the family.

Cheers Bro.  I love you.  :)


  1. Ahh, thanks Joel. Wait a minute... you took my day! Bastard!

  2. Dude, happy anniversary to Brian and Jen, not Brian and Joel. It's always about Joel, such a big brother stealing the show.