16 November 2009

In other news... AND A CONTEST?

Two crates of whiskey belonging to Antarctic explore David Shackleton are going to be dug up from the ice in Antarctica.  These date back to at least 1907.

Question:  What would you give to get your hands on a bottle of that goodness?

The best answer will receive... yup... a Catholic Beer t-shirt.  Did I really just offer that?

-The Zealot


  1. I've been wanting one of those shirts so badly...a wife beater one.

    So, what would I do?

    I just might sing karaoke.
    But AFTER I imbibed a bit of that whiskey.

  2. I would find a way to use cellular transdifferentiation found in the life cycle of the biologically immortal jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula, to bring back to life such greats as Augustine, St. Jerome, Martin Luther, Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer so we could drink such joyous libations in a truly catholic manner.

  3. I would punch the Pope in the junk.

  4. I would bite a shark to death, punch out a whale, wrestle a bear, and throat-punch everyone who says that War and Peace is the greatest novel ever written. . . wait, that's just a list of my life goals, I would pay to do any one of those things, though I am sure that whiskey would definitely help me succeed. Hell, I would probably pay for a catholic beer shirt, or maybe trade you in home-brew, hint hint, nudge nudge, grope grope.

  5. I am trying to bribe you because even I have to vote for BC. You should probably give him a Catholic beer pope hat instead of a shirt. That's what Jesus would do.

  6. There are many things I could do; punch religious figures in their senstive parts, attempt Jeff Buckley ballads, bring people back from the dead. But most likely I would smile sweetly and point to something faraway out of the window (like BC and the Pope) and snatch up the booty when they weren't looking...

  7. These are all really good so far. I may just have to order more than one shirt...

  8. Even though I am late. I would strap on those Velcro gloves I made a few years back. Put on the rubber boots and head out to the sheep pasture naked.