06 November 2009

A post a day?

Joel (and by association, I guess that means me too) decided that we should post to our blog every day- to give the faithful a thirst-quenching read whenever they so desire.  On the one hand, this sounds freaking awesome.  On the other hand, I'm very much a realist and see this as pretty much impossible.

HOWEVER!!!!  I enjoy a good challenge and will give it the old college try.  We decided that I would have even days and Joel would take odd days.  I realize that this will give Joel a few extra days to post during the year, but he has a slice more zeal than I do about the project anyway (despite the fact that my e-mail address is thezealot@catholicbeer.com).

The decision to split even and odd days goes back to when my brother and I were younger and would fight over the front seat in the car.  My mom (ever so wise) simply decided that Jason got to sit in front on the odd days, and I got to sit in front on even days.  Problem SOLVED.  Never a question, never a quarrel (ever so wise).

There you have it.  Come back soon (like tomorrow) and read what's new.  You can be sure that we will come up with all kinds of worthless crap to post.  I have some ideas to post beer-related pictures....  If we miss one- give us hell for it.


-The Zealot

odds and evens

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  1. Should we take the weekends off? Candace says real bloggers don't blog on the weekends.. has anyone else heard of this? this is the first I have heard of this...