09 November 2009

The United States of Alcohol go Head-to-Head

I got to thinking about that Church in Ohio and was thinking to myself.. I'm not sure that demographic is really the most discerning or even shearly heavy drinkers.. but then I did some research courtesy of The Beer Institue and it turns out that in terms of hard-core beer drinking Texas is the almost as bad-ass as they think they are. But who I was really impressed with was Montana. Seriously Montana, way to go on making the rest of us look like beer-cadets. 43 gallons per year, per capita compared to the national average of 32.

Now in regard to my initial curiosity it turns out that Washington is by no means a juggernaut of beer consumption. Only 28.7 gallons per year per capita which ranks us at 37 out of 50.. only by our relativly large population did we get that number up to a rank of 16 out of 50 in terms of state-wide consumption per year. Now Tennessee is a little lower than Washington in all numbers and not by much, but Ohio on the other hand consumes beer like the have 86 more years of practice than Washington (Ohio was formed in 1803 and Washington in 1889). They ranked 7th in terms of total beer consumption and on average consume about 32 gallons per person per year.

Ohio, you have humbled me. Truly you have something to teach us, but I will still imagine to myself (so that I don't feel too bad) that in Ohio 90% of that beer is Budweiser and the other 10% is Miller, while in Washington the Buweiser's, Miller's, Coors', and the like sit untouched on the dusty shelves of run-down gas stations.

Cheers USA!

Pour one for me.

[a spreadsheet for your pleasure;]

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