11 November 2009

The USA takes on all those "other" countries ...in Beer Consumption ...(not shabby, but still gets her ass kicked)

Thought I'd expand by scope a little.

First place for beer consumption per capita is... yep.  the Czech Republic.  Wait did you just say Czech Republic???  Yes I did.  That little region wedged into Germany's armpit?  Yep.. They consumed 156.9 Liters a beer a year per capita (to put that into perspective US consumed 81.6 L).  I am now thinking that if the Czech Republic spent as much effort on science as they spend on beer, they'd have invented teleportation by now.  Wouldn't that be awesome!?  I could live in the mountains of Alaska and pop over to Bengaluru for a quick bowl of aloo gobi and then go catch the opera in Sydney).  Damn you Czech-Republicans! 

Next up are the Irish... man those Catholics can drink...

Germany... again not too surprising.

Australia, wow way to go Aussies.  Wasn't expecting that..

Country                           Liters per capita

1  Czech Republic 156.9
2  Ireland 131.1
3  Germany 115.8
4  Australia 109.9
5  Austria 108.3
6  United Kingdom 99.0
7  Belgium 93.0
8  Denmark 89.9
9  Finland 85.0
10  Luxembourg 84.4
11  Slovakia 84.1
12  Spain 83.8
13  United States 81.6



  1. Yikes, I knew we were all hopeless beer-guzling boozehounds but not to that extent! I put it down to the use of beer as barbecue cleaner... that and a nation addicted to awful tasting lager (I'd rather lick a cement wall than sip a VB!)