15 November 2009

We must brew... and soon.

After thinking long a hard about what we should brew next I decided to put it to the crowd.  Then based on the millions of votes that come in we can determine what to brew next.

Here goes!  :)

What should we brew next?
Winter Warmer (Christmas beer)
Imperial IPA
Olde Bruin (Belgian Brown ale)
English Bitter


  1. I always like a brown ale. Mmmm.

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  3. I second BC - I voted brown ale... but I think a Christmas brew would be well worth the trouble! A local brewery does a special porter for Christmas called the Old Baltic; and it tastes of caramelised currents, vanilla and cloves... Ah, I am getting dreamy just thinking about it.

  4. I almost voted English Bitter, but since it's the holidays...

  5. Can I request at some point a pumpkin ale???

    it can be my christmas present :)

  6. it seems only fair that it be an IPA since the last one was brutalized!