30 December 2009


You've all been waiting so patiently.  And you are to be commended.  Like parishioners on Sunday checking their watches wondering when the agony will end.  Today, my friends.  Today.

Let me first say, that the Saint and I were moved to tears by the response we received to our contest.  To know so many out there wanted so bad to possess some unknown article with the catholicbeer logo was quite moving.  All the limericks were fantastic.  I will treasure every one of them always.  I'm actually planning on putting together a little book of scriptures in the Abbey of which the Book of I Limericks shall be forefront.

That said, congratulations Andrew Kooy.  You will be the proud owner of a first-of-its-kind catholicbeer apron.

Thanks again everyone.  And don't forget about brew day X on Sunday the 10th.  There will be door prizes, and who knows, one of them might be an apron...

-The Zealot


  1. CURSES!!! I'm making my own catholic beer-like apron.

  2. HUZZAH!!!

    My years of familiarizing myself with beer and rhyme have born fruit, but alas, this victory is colored with sadness. This Apron may be used to blot my tears when next I brew. . . alone.