18 December 2009


I heard a song on KEXP today about beer.  They actually named a few brews like Arrogant Bastard and Fat Tire.  It did my heart good.  It inspired me to want to compose a little ditty.

A while ago, I had a haiku contest on my other blog.  This time, let's have a limerick contest.  Now there was some confusion with my haiku contest regarding structure.  To clear up the confusion, a limerick has AABBA rhyme structure.  To get the nitty gritty, go here.

The limerick MUST follow the correct rhyming structure, and MUST have something to do with beer, and MUST be totally awesome.

And to the winner of this contest???  I don't know- probably something with the Catholic Beer logo on it.  I will check back to the blog in ONE WEEK and decide which poem takes the cake.  So get those creative juices flowing (beer will probably help) and post your entries as comments on this blog.

Good Luck you lushes.

-The Zealot


  1. Sweet and yet bitter is beer
    Calories galore, I fear;
    If you’re already fat
    Better leave it at that
    And stop swilling the ale, my dear!

    Tanja Cilia

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It’s why over the others it tops
    Those glorious acrimonious hops
    A great IPA
    Will make any day
    So brew some for your dear ole pops

  4. Drinking homebrew makes me quicker.
    Drinking moldy beer makes me sicker.
    The one thing I fear,
    to do with spoil'd beer,
    is turn it to single-malt liquor.

  5. At that first sip a tear.
    Three down it's getting hard to steer.
    Imbibed six, I can see two of us.
    The whole wide world is catawampus.
    They've got these pretzels...what catholic beer!

  6. Is there nothing better than a fine crafted brew?
    That golden-brown elixir, that heavenly dew
    Together friends bringing
    In joy and in singing
    A sure companion ever loyal and true.

  7. In my beer I forgot my troubles
    In the silky foam of CO2 bubbles
    Oh, what a night!
    Everything seemed so right
    Until blacking out after seeing doubles

  8. There once was a monk who love liturgy
    Who's yeast all worked in perfect synergy.
    He prayed while he brewed,
    As the people all cueued,
    To be blessed by this master of zymurgy.

  9. These are all phenomenal, so far.

  10. One must wonder about comments so crude
    That the authors of this blog were moved
    To delete, was it notable
    This crime against a potent potable
    That got a beer limeric removed.

  11. 'Twas indeed the blog authors that deserve the credit
    For removing a comment which needed some edit
    The spelling was poor
    The rhyme was a bore
    And frankly we just didn't get it.

  12. There once was a man from Nantucket,
    Who was unable to rhyme.
    Yet he attempted to write a limeric,
    It sucked.
    So instead he drank a beer.

  13. Two brewthers there are, but once there were three,
    Sharing secrets and tasty brews in sweet harmony,
    Then one moved away,
    He cries every day,
    To the memory of the man-brewery in Maple Valley.


  14. A stout and waterlogged zythophile
    When his bride barley, hops in the aisle
    Said wort the love of his life
    At yeast, soon to be wife
    Has a mug with a lambic smile

  15. All hail to the bittersweet Trappist,
    Whose purveyors live as monastics;
    Its bright citrus tang
    From such pious pang
    Redeems the most graceless of papists.

  16. There once was a girl from Seattle
    Who engaged in a limerick battle
    she knew she might lose
    so she drank some more booze
    and smiled at her meaningless prattle

  17. An Ode to St. Arnold:

    There once was a Bishop from Metz
    He taught that beer was the best
    To him we are thankful
    for being so saintful
    and bringing us many a fest.