18 December 2009


I heard a song on KEXP today about beer.  They actually named a few brews like Arrogant Bastard and Fat Tire.  It did my heart good.  It inspired me to want to compose a little ditty.

A while ago, I had a haiku contest on my other blog.  This time, let's have a limerick contest.  Now there was some confusion with my haiku contest regarding structure.  To clear up the confusion, a limerick has AABBA rhyme structure.  To get the nitty gritty, go here.

The limerick MUST follow the correct rhyming structure, and MUST have something to do with beer, and MUST be totally awesome.

And to the winner of this contest???  I don't know- probably something with the Catholic Beer logo on it.  I will check back to the blog in ONE WEEK and decide which poem takes the cake.  So get those creative juices flowing (beer will probably help) and post your entries as comments on this blog.

Good Luck you lushes.

-The Zealot