21 December 2009

"Beer Swap"??? What a simply divine idea!!!

Hello all,

As part of my ongoing effort to make people aware of the great beer blogging that happens around the world I wanted to mention a great idea that I saw on a great blog called "I Might Have a Glass of Beer".  Now, I am sure that having a "Beer Swap" was not first introduced to the world here, but since it was the first I had heard of it (at least in being so nicely organized as a global parcel swap) I am giving all the credit to Barm.

Thanks Buddy!   I'll be implementing your wisdom soon...

To the rest of you, start thinking about what 5 beers you would include in a beer swap.  Probably sometime after Christmas pocketbooks have healed, I will very likely implement this as a catholicbeer tradition!  :)

Also don't forget to put your entries for the best beer limerick on our most recent contest.  The winner will get something cool (we're still waiting for Brian to announce what).

Pour one for me,



  1. Divine in word and in deed! I can't wait. I hope I get a box full of Corona!

  2. Yeah, I hear that the follow reinheitsgebot religeously in Mexico.