26 December 2009

The Power of Steam

Hello all!

Happy "Boxing Day" to all you Canadians!  I return from our Christmas hiatus with a fresh enthusiasm for Steam!

I found a great article by Kelly E. Jones on using steam injection for Mash tuns on the Brewing Techniques website called "Direct Injection of Steam for Mash Temperature Control".  It is well written and does a great job delineating the advantages and dangers of steam use.  For details as to why home brewers may be interested in steam injection give this article a thorough read.  :)

Thanks Kelly!

Some time ago I picked up this aswesome old book on Steam Generation and use. I decided it would be appropriate to put it up here.  :)

Enjoy the pics!

Also, remember my fellow beer lovers... there is currently a limerick contest which is rapidly approaching the final day (yes, I know he said one week... but it's our contest and we can do what we want.. and we are extending it for you stragglers! ).  The contest is open to ALL who wish to participate and the prize is some as of yet undetermined article with our catholicbeer logo on it.

Pour one for me,


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