04 December 2009


What good is a contest if there's no results?  NO GOOD!

I am pleased to announce that the winner of our contest is everyone who participated.

You probably have questions- I have answers.

- Yes, it is too late to put in your entry (I can't believe you even asked).
- No, it is not lame to make everyone a winner.  Since all your answers were lame anyway, we probably wouldn't have even chosen one.  Consider this a pity prize.
- Yes, I need shirt sizes and style preferences!  These will be American Apparel shirts which tend to run tad on the small size.  Keep that in mind.  You can e-mail these to me at thezealot@catholicbeer.com.  Oh yeah, give me a current mailing address too.  CURRENT!
- Yes, I will hand print each of these shirts, because I am that awesome.
- Yes, we plan on printing more shirts in the future that will be available to everyone...

So there you go.Happy?Like I care...

- The Zealot