04 December 2009


What good is a contest if there's no results?  NO GOOD!

I am pleased to announce that the winner of our contest is everyone who participated.

You probably have questions- I have answers.

- Yes, it is too late to put in your entry (I can't believe you even asked).
- No, it is not lame to make everyone a winner.  Since all your answers were lame anyway, we probably wouldn't have even chosen one.  Consider this a pity prize.
- Yes, I need shirt sizes and style preferences!  These will be American Apparel shirts which tend to run tad on the small size.  Keep that in mind.  You can e-mail these to me at thezealot@catholicbeer.com.  Oh yeah, give me a current mailing address too.  CURRENT!
- Yes, I will hand print each of these shirts, because I am that awesome.
- Yes, we plan on printing more shirts in the future that will be available to everyone...

So there you go.Happy?Like I care...

- The Zealot


  1. Damn. Shoulda commented... Hey that contest sound stupid anyway... I'd be embarrassed to wear one of YOUR shirts.

    jk.. well done everyone in making Brian pull his weight around here by printing up some decent shirts. After all, somethin's gotta cover our backs. ;)

  2. Oh my, I am positively brimming with excitement to be receiving t shirt - I will wear it and be proud! Only I foresee a horde of people wanting to steal it off my back... Maybe you guys could start a fashion line; you know, "Righteous wearables" for the enlightened drinker?

  3. Righteous Wearables- I like it.

  4. Yeah I am so glad I voted but as landlord I think I should get a free shirt anyway!

  5. What do you mean all the responses were lame? I'll put in my response in person, cuz I'm cool like that.