09 February 2010

Beer Tasting Conference Call

We recently had the pleasure of talking with our good friend and fellow brewer Andrew.  He had sent us some of his most recent concoctions.  We put The Saint's phone on speaker and enjoyed Andrew's brews with him- 600 miles away.

We tried several concoctions of Andrew's some barely staying within the boundaries of what most would classify as beer.  Now if you know Andrew this is  not surprising at all, but no matter how much you prepare yourself for the un-imaginable, you are still surprised.

I think the one method which I was most impressed with was the use of red wine in his beer "Old Rasputin's Tasty Bastard'.  It gave the beer incredible mouth-feel and a gorgeous color (seen right).

All in all this was a really fun experience and something that I'd like to start doing regularly.

Pour one for us.


  1. Your pictures makes it seem like it was a fancy experience all around. I was in my backyard stacking beer bottles on a birdcage. Next time I will make sure to take pictures.

  2. it's nothing but fancy in the cathedral of catholicbeer.