30 January 2010


I checked out DaVine last night with one of my friends.  It is Maple Valley's latest wine bar that also happens to serve beer.  It took some effort to get noticed after we walked in, but once we did, we were treated extremely well.  The owners mingled amongst their guests and were obviously pleased to have everyone there.

I was moderately impressed by the beer selection, having no expectations when I arrived.  I was slightly disappointed that there were no beers on tap, however, and the staff certainly received the bulk of their education in the fruit of the vine rather than the fruit of the field.  I was assured that their beer supplier was coming in on Monday to inform the staff of the finer details of their beers and proper serving practices (such as which glass to use for which beer- my Belgian tripel was almost poured into a pilsner glass). Granted, I didn't have the pleasure of talking with the resident beer expert, but I look forward this conversation in the future.

Since my passion is for beers, I had tunnel vision when it came to the menu.  I completely skipped over the wine list and only glanced once at the food which consisted of bruschettas, cheese boards, paninis and other tasty looking treats.  Apparently, they serve coffee all morning too.

I would totally return.  I enjoyed the fact that DaVine felt so little like a bar and so much more like a scaled-down restaurant.  I won't be surprised by the beer selection the next time I go, but I will know that when I feel like a Maredsous Tripel, DaVine will happily pop the bottle cap for me.

Pour one for me.

-The Zealot

Beer List
Moose Drool Brown
Flying Dog- Double Dog, In Heat Wheat
Sam Smith- Nut, Winter, Oatmeal Stout
Avery White Rascal Belgian Wheat
Scuttlebutt Blonde
Ommegang Witte
Bass Pale Ale
Firestone Pale
Naughty Nellie Golden
Arrogant Bastard
Negra Modelo
Stone IPA
Maredsous Tripel
Duvel Golden


  1. surprise at the audacity at pouring a belgian into a pilsner is certainly the trademark of a snob. i knew it was only a matter of time...

    because all jest aside, when you become passionate about something, you become passionate about it being done right.

    im just sayin.

    is this the place in wilderness village? i just saw signs today for a wine bar.

  2. Moose Drool was my first favorite brown when I started delving. Sounds like a nice place. Maple Valley's coming up in the world. :)

  3. This is the very place in Wilderness Village. Maybe we should head over tomorrow night.

  4. Had a great time last night at DaVine. It's good to see Maple Valley getting a nice place.