19 February 2010

InBev Blues

Lookin' for some tasty alternatives to "beers" sold in corporate greed and political nonsense?

Try replacing that unscrupulous InBev product with something wholesome by using my

Non-InBev Buyer's Guide:
InBev indiscretion => catholic salvation 

Bass => Tetley's
 Bass is a rich buttery pale ale. If I had to identify something similar I might try Tetley's.

Boddingtons => ???
[UPDATE 2/24]  I am an idiot.. this is most certainly NOT a cream ale (which is actually related to American lagers).. Apologies all.  This would be considered, rather a bitter I suppose.. try replacing this one with the dreaded Tetley's as well.  ;)   A typical British Cream ale. Try... jeez, nothing comes to mind.... hmmm... Well I guess you Cream Alers are S.O.L. ;)

Franziskaner => Josephs Brau or Trader Joe's
A line of German Weissbiers. Trader Joe's actually carries a beer called Dunkelweizen from Joseph's Brau and another one called Vienna which is their own brand (Trader Joe's).  Both are quite tasty.

Hoegaarden => Avery's White Rascal or Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly
There are so many great Belgian witbiers (aka White Ales), that there is no reason why you should lament this one... aside from the fact that it is much more readily available. :(

Leffe => New Belgium's Abbey
A basic Abbey-style ale. In my humble opinion this particular one could easily be replaced by New Belgium's Abbey.

Spaten => Celebrator 
Another tradegy. I always loved optimator, but that is not to say it was the best Dopplebock, it just had sentimental value. Try Celebrator (a little more roasty but if your already drinking Optimator, I have faith in you).

Stella Artois => Red Stripe or Le Chouffe
Yep. Face the facts people. Stella is the Budweiser of Belgium and I don't taste much difference between the two. Try Red Stripe or better yet move on to something like Le Chouffe.  :)

If you like any of the other beers on that list besides the above... for God's sake try something else. ;)


  1. So does this mean we won't be able to sell any InBev products at our beer shop? I mean, can't we bend our conscience just a little here? A guy's gotta make a buck...

  2. Trader Joe's also has a pseudo Red Stripe knock off called Red Oval, which, at $3 a six pack is a deal that is pretty hard to beat (unless by beat you mean drink and in that case it is very easy).

  3. What's the advantage of drinking Carlsberg-owned crap (Tetley) rather than InBev-owned crap (Bass) ?

  4. Barm, the idea wasn't so much that you weren't drinking crap... it was more "what could people find (readily available) that could prevent giving more capital to InBev?"

    I would recommend something better, but was shooting for something that folks in the US could find easily at the store... Ideas???