02 February 2010

New Belgium Ranger IPA

The Saint, The Acolyte and I headed to Brouwers last night with some friends for the New Belgium Ranger IPA unveiling party- one of many that were happening in the area.  To Brouwers great credit, they were donating every dollar spent on Ranger to Haiti relief.  Nuthin' like drinking for a cause.  While we were a bit disappointed that the atmosphere at the pub was more hangover recovery rather than celebrating the birth of a new beer, we managed to enjoy ourselves.

Verdict?  It's an IPA.  And I'm not a huge fan of IPA's.  However, I think it's still a quality beer and would recommend it to anyone who can't get enough Cascade hops, 'cause it's full of 'em (along with Simcoe and Chinook).  New Belgium was nice enough to hand out some buttons and glasses of which we gladly partook.  And the New Belgium Beer Rangers showed up to keep the party under control.

I'm torn.  I'm happy that New Belgium (my first true beer love) is branching out and following their palate rather than adhering to a strict style. . . . . but I like their style.  Oh well.  Pour one for me.

And did you check out that draft list at Brouwers?!  Holy Crap!
-The Zealot


  1. It's a solid IPA.. no Dogfish Head or Stone... but still solid.

  2. Funny, joel said he loved the quiet atmosphere. ;)

  3. BEER! I'll have to try this new IPA, although I know it will be 'good' but no overwhelming experience, like say, the Dogfish 90 or 120. But who can live up to that, really?
    By the by, you need to try Flying Dog's Double Dog Pale Ale... WILLICKERS! It's incredible! Smokes all other Pales, twice the punch, twice the flavor, twice holy crap. Have it a touch colder than room temp. Oh, and their Horn Dog barley wine is exquisite, too - tastes somehow like cherries and history. Toodles! :)

  4. Oops, sorry: it's me: johnny roger schofield (realized I should probably clear up who I was since their are a chillion and three 'johns' in the effin' world. :/

  5. SHIT! I mean "there" - not "their" toward the middle of my last sentence above. HA! Corrections!

    p.s. I double heart the Doctor.