07 March 2010

Batch 011- Oh yeah, we brewed...

Batch #011 kind of came and went without so much as a whisper.  Strangely enough, it was probably our most successful brew to date.  By "successful," I mean that no water heater elements blew up, all of our data was recorded (legibly), our mashing temperatures were right where we wanted them to be, and we even had a few celebratory brews!

We conducted a little experiment afterwards by taking the leftover "weak" wort to see if we couldn't make a micro batch of light stuff.  We scraped some of the active yeast off the top of batch #011 and added it to #011.5  It always seemed like such a waste to throw out the leftovers even if they had such a low ABV potential.  Our best guess is that we can scrape 2.5% ABV out of batch #011.5  It might make for a nice hot-summer cool-down brew.

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