02 March 2010

Training Beers

I have been endeavoring to create a catholicbeer "recommends" page.  But determining what beers to put on there is a delicate matter.  My goal is not to come up with the best/most elite beer list ever, but rather to encourage people who normally default to safe and familiar beers to branch out into something new and amazing.

With that in mind I put a question to you all:

If you had to recommend one beer to expand someone's "beer horizons" what would it be?

Here are my criteria:
  • I want people to be able to find it without too much trouble... I would say most people shouldn't have to travel more than 1 hour to get it.
  • Suggestions should be based upon the country in which you live... it would be very difficult to come up with one list for everyone.
  • Beers should be within a price range that will not intimidate novice drinkers (interpret this one however you like).
  • Assume that the person you are suggesting to has some knowledge of beer and already drinks craft and micro-brews frequently (don't worry about people who are clearly not interested in beer, focus on potential beer enthusiasts who simply need some encouragement... a starting point where they can begin their journey).
Post your suggestions below and help us come up with a beginners beer guide!  :)

Also, pour one for me...



  1. I'm going to throw Brother Thelonius from North Coast Brewing Company out there. I usually see it for about $8 and have seen it quite a few places. I really enjoy this beer every time I drink it. I'm actually having one right now...
    American Belgian style abbey ale

  2. Brian your my hero! I also have to go with North Coast Brewing Company for their PRANQSTER ale. I have not come across this beer as often as Brother Thelonius but when I do this golden ale is a must buy for me at $9 for a 4 pack of 12oz bottles.

  3. I would say the ones that really bridged the gap for me and opened up a new world in beer were probably: Unibroue - Terrible and Spaten - Optimator.

  4. I would say Aventinus but I don't know if that is readily available everywhere.

    I definitely agree with Brian for his North Coast suggestions. Just about everything they make is liquid salvation.