28 March 2010

Yeast Lecture at Big Al's

The Saint and I headed over to Big Al's Brewery last Friday to listen to a guest speaker from Wyeast talk all about wild yeasts and bacteria.  I think The Saint tracked with the lecture a lot more than I, but I picked up a few solid gems that will certainly aid in our brewing.  For instance, a beer secondarily fermented with brettanomyces requires absolutely no priming sugar prior to bottling, since the Brett will consume much more of the sugar than your typical saccharomyces.

After the lecture, The Saint and I headed over to Mission to get some Mexican food and, what else? beer.

On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed, but was not impressed by Big Al's Belgian Brown Ale.  I felt it lacked body.  It made me feel much more confident about the beer that the Saint and I are producing.

Pour one for me.

-The Zealot

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