21 April 2010

Beer Tasting at the Cedar Grill

The Saint, The Artisan and I headed over to Maple Valley's Cedar Grill for a Covington Lion's Club sponsored beer tasting.  They even provided sheets with the names and descriptions of the beers, an area for notes, and a description of the steps of the tasting process.  While the plastic cups were... cute... all in all it was an enjoyable time.  They fittingly featured summer beers so we would know what to stock up on when made our next QFC run.

Beers Tasted:
Rising Moon by Blue Moon
Glissade Golden Bock by Sierra Nevada
Summer Shandy by Leinenkugel
Summer Ale by Sam Adams
Curve Ball Blonde by Pyramid

This goes on every Monday, apparently, so get your butts over to the Cedar Grill at 6:00pm.  The proceeds also support Relay for Life,so feel good while your chowing on your delicious chicken fried steak!

We tried to head over to DaVine afterwards, but, alas, they close early on Mondays (and every other day it seemed).  So we headed home instead and enjoyed a few homebrews out by the barn while we daydreamed about the future brewery it will inevitably become.

I sure hope you are pouring one for me, 'cause I'm sure pouring one for you.

-The Zealot

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