19 April 2010

Tasting Series FOREST EDITION -Delirium Tremens

The Saint and I headed into the woods for some R&R with our bottle of Delirium Tremens.  Luckily, I brought a video capturing device to document the tasting.  The bottle was shaken up from the hike out (rough terrain) and it was still delicious.

Joel then proceeded to climb a hundred feet into a tree.

-The Zealot


  1. that was, by far, my favorite video to date (except maybe the batch x video). I loved that you both licked your mustaches after the first taste, like two old men. Nice beard, btw...Brian. Loving you both.

  2. I've tried this one before! Ah how I enjoy your videos; what with the music and the scenery and your facial hair, and oh course the beer that was aptly "piney" for the setting.