30 April 2010

Tons of Mash tun fun

I am constructing a new mash tun of awesome proportions.  Our current cooler system is about 17.5 gallons in capacity, and we have run it to the very limits of what it can take for an ordinary 10 gallon batch (12 gallons pre-boil).

This new mash has a peak capacity of 40 gallons.  It will easily be able to brew 20 gallons of strong beer 8+% ABV or very likely close to 30 gallons of "lesser" beer.  The new system will have to utilize propane burners rather than electricity and we will also for that reason be able to have the mash be direct-fired for added temperature control


I think I would like to weld some large pins onto the sides of the tun so that it can hang from a central axis that   will allow us to dump the entire tun sideways for cleaning during 'grains-out.'  I also think I will be using a grant for the mash to drain into first before pumping either back in again or into the kettle.  This will allow the mash to be free of any attachments for easy cleaning and will also allow us to more closely monitor the actual flow.

I am quite excited about this project, though admittedly it will have to be a very long-term plan as there is no room in the current brewery to accommodate such an addition.  I thought you might appreciate this feat of awesomeness anyway!  ;)

Cheers to you all!

You know what to do...


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