10 May 2010

Beer Tasting Monday - Ommegang "Three Philosophers"

Today we do yet another beer from the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, New York.  All the beers from Ommegang are aged at the brewery before they are shipped out.  Three Philosophers is their quadrupel and features a dash of kriek to it to add a little sourness and flavor to the beer.

I would be very curious to know what is involved in brewing the kriek which they add and specifically if the beer is filtered once blended with the quadrupel.  The addition of lambic yeasts into the mix could prove interesting when trying to maintain the overall character of the intended beer.

This beer is a solid quadrupel though perhaps not something you might like to start drinking if you haven't had many beers with a sour "edge" to them.



  1. That is definitely one of my favorite go-to comfort beers. I feel that as it airs out and comes up to room temperature though, it gets what I would have to call a sloppy back of the tongue flavor unlike a beer like Old Stock which almost becomes a fantastic brand new beer as you let it sit and warm.

    On another note, after perusing the style guides I believe that I have only made beers that fit into category 23. And, as I do not plan to amend my ways, have started referring to all my brewing activities as infringements on Category 23. . .because sometimes I like to invent my own slang when I talk to myself.

  2. You are a Category 23 Infringement. :)

  3. I have developed a list of things I hope I can get people to say about me some day. I am now adding "If (insert name of somebody totally and utterly batshit crazy, creative, and interesting) made a beer, it would taste like this"

    as in "if Stanley Kubrick made a beer, it would taste like this."

    Insert Radiohead, Don Quixote, Mark Danielewski, Anthony Jodorowski, Japanese Horror films, a Unicorn, etc.

  4. Fucking love the pictures in the video, Brian. Send them to me?