08 May 2010

Hustle and Bustle..

If you've been wondering why it's been so quiet here at catholicbeer.com, it's because Brian and I have both been working our asses off at new jobs.  He is working two jobs now where as mine has merely changed and the new arrangement has put me in a state of perpetual preparations, studies and communications...

In any case Seattle Beer Week is bearing down upon us and we have been quite remiss.

Every first Thursday of the month Scott, Brian and myself have agreed to have a standing "date" with some new (to us) beer joint in the area.  This last Thursday was our second event and for those of you who follow us on Facebook there was an event that went out there at least (how did FB get to be more up to date than the website???).

We first headed out to Malt & Vine in Redmond for a quick sampling before they closed at 8pm.  It was a nice start to the evening and took the edge off after the long drive from Maple Valley to Redmond (took us about 45 minutes).  The staff was quite knowledgeable though in my humble opinion it lacked a certain personability which may vary well be due to my own ecstatic ramblings and rapid-fired questions about beer preferences and new experiences.  Oh well.. I guess some are more timid (or should I say perspicacious?) about sharing their own preferences with excitable customers like myself.  :)  In any case the beer was good the prices were right and the establishment surprisingly roomy.  All in all... let's face it Redmond is way too far away.  I'd rather find myself downtown in a joint just as good and one that doesn't close at 8pm.  But if I worked or lived nearby I might frequent this place quite often.

Our second stop was the much lauded Black Raven Brewing.  This place was nice.. nice to be in.. nice beer on tap.. and a pizza place that will deliver there for free.  Fine wood and amber lighting makes me feel right at home seated in front of the big solid wood tables that assured me that they were designed to withstand the fumbling and stumbling of the occasional pilgrim who draughted too deeply.  I would love to come back to this place and get a proper tour.. discuss yeast strains and brewing processes.  Too bad it also is in Redmond... but my heart tells me this won't be the last time I find myself in Redmond just to see the Black Raven Brewery.



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