07 July 2010

Brew Day - Batch XIV "Ommegeddon"

We were paid a visit by the catholicbeer ape this last Thursday.. Legend has it he comes out every fourteen batches to bless the brew with his ape howl and cavort with the brewers.


For batch 14 we decided to use up the rest of the Brettanomyces Bruxellensis that we had sitting in the fridge and brew up a knock-off of Ommegang Brewery's "Ommegeddon," one of my very favorite beers.  :)

Here's what I came up with:

I pitched some Wyeast 1388:  Belgian Strong Ale and later we will pitch the Brett as well...

--One note--

***Brewers, be careful when chilling beer that the inlet hose to your immersion chiller does not get a kink in it.  The water inside the coil will boil and you will rupture a hose!

Thankfully this did not ruin our batch and we were able to easily repair the damage... but man you should have heard the BANG!

Hope you can join us next time!



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