07 August 2010

Beers at "The Dray"

I went to the Dray last night and was pleasantly surprised.  This would be a great place to watch Sounders matches as it is no typical "Sports Bar" but rather a tasteful joint with lots of wood, warm tones, decent beers.

My only critique was with the website:  http://thedray.com - While the site is simple and tasteful, it lacks the hours for which the Dray is open, the address cannot be copy and pasted as it is in an image (above), and I don't really like the way all links on the page simply go to various bookmarks within http://inside.thedray.com.  I know that last one is kind of a technical gripe... but it just seems lazy.

My favourite item on tap last night was "Troubadour Magma" by Brouwerij The Musketeers.  According to RateBeer.com there also appears to be some associate with De Proef Brouwerij, which I was finally able to find some information on here.

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