10 September 2010

Beers at Naked City!

We went to Naked City last night and tried some great stuff out:

  1. Pike Brewing - Auld Acquaintance:  It was cask night so of  course we had to try the firkin!  I have had this before but not as a "Real Ale."  It was quite tasty... but true to my American heritage I felt it could have been improved by being colder and slightly more carbonated.  Oh well.
  2. Silver City - Kellerbier:  This was a lager (apparently) but it tasted like an ale to me... more specifically it tasted like a Belgian ale to me.  It was good though... nutty and biscuity... I didn't order another one, but I was glad to have had it.
  3. Naked City - Islay Special Bitter:  This beer was delicious!  I haven't had anything from Naked City which had really impressed me yet (anyone can dump twenty pounds of American hops in a beer and call it good) but this one was definitely the winner of the night.  Once I had ordered it and it had gone 'round the table for everyone to try everyone knew what to order next.  :)  It was just well balanced and digestible... something I have been looking for, and appreciating more lately.
  4. Naked City - Islay Special Bitter: Because I wasn't driving.  :)
So if you are nearby, pop into Naked City and give Islay Special Bitter a go.  I think you'll like it.

Pour one for me,


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