17 November 2010

Efficiency at 54% ...What the what?!?

Brew Day Fifteen was a great success!  At first I thought I may be brewing alone but Matt, Scott and Brian turned up to cheer me on and help sample brews of days past.

The Irish Brown ale is going to be fantastic (I just have a gut feeling about it)!

There were no snags aside from poor efficiency, but since I wasn't paying very much attention to the volumes of water I was adding I expect I just added a little too much strike water. 

No harm done...  :)


  1. Hey Saint and Zealot!

    My buddy Andrew told me today that just thinking about getting off work soon and putting on his Catholic Beer T-shirt helped him get through his day. Yet another instance of how beer saves lives.


  2. Cheers to all you "Andrews" out there! Remember that catholicbeer is your holiday cheer! :)