07 April 2011

The Brett Returns

About a month back Brian and I heaved a sigh of relief as we tasted batch 16 from both fermenters and discovered that our beer was contaminant-free.  Since only one of the fermenters was a conical unitank and because we were lazy, we opted not to rack the carboy into another carboy (which we would have to clean).  Instead we would simply combine them (two five gallon batches) in my single 21 gallon capacity unitank.

OOPS.  It is now more sour than any sour ale I have tasted.  I am so disappointed... but I have a theory... (have you ever known me not to have one?)

The lid of our super-sanitized stainless steel conical fermenter is sealed with weather stripping... yep... weather stripping.  Not sure why I thought this would not be an issue.  It now seems obvious to me that a spongy, plastic and porous surface would be an ideal safe haven inside which yeast ronan may wander freely and without danger of reprise from their former lord, me.

So the weather stripping is coming off and a new system must be devised.  Ideas?

Also, it is the first Thursday on the month today.  And that means our monthly catholicbeer fieldtrip is tonight.  This time we will be doing Naked City Brewery & Taphouse.


All are welcome, just meet us there at 7pm and exclaim "Pour one for me!"




  1. I've been thinking about laying a bead of silicone (heat tolerant, of course) around the cap of my still and flattening it out with wax paper to make a better seal. Actually, I think you might have given me this idea so you've probably already thrown it out as a solution to your problem.

  2. I would like to subscribe to the Abbey calendar, but alas - it's not on your sidebar like you mentioned.

  3. Dude, I love the last sentence of the third paragraph. "yeast ronan" BAAAHAA.