24 July 2011

Brew Day - Batch XVII (23 July 2011)

Brewing involves a lot of waiting.  Seems like most of our time is either waiting for this dial to go up or to go down.  It is important to to utilize the time between brewing tasks wisely.

A draught of delicious homebrew is just the way to create the proper atmosphere for a successful brewing session.  Though as with all brewing sessions, there always seems to come a point where emergency repairs or adjustments need to be made.  And at times such as these, it is fortifying to have the sustenance and vigor that only a fine ale can provide, in order to make appropriately creative solutions... in this case, bypassing the temperature controller that governs (or was supposed to govern) the temperature of the hot liquor tun.

After removing temperature control from the system we would have to monitor the HLT manually, but this presents no problem for us.  Our determination prevails against such perils, and ultimately the prize is ours.

Pour one for me.  :)

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