25 July 2011

Brewhouse Efficiency... who cares???

Admittedly I would if my brewhouse was efficient by any strain of the imagination.  Looks like I missed even my usual 65%, but honestly, what is a few extra dollars spent to hit that target OG without have to go quite so slow while sparging?

The important thing is that I feel confident that I am Brett-free this time 'round.  I brewed up a batch of the most delicious saison-type refreshment.. and ever since I have had this persistent little bug lying in wait in something of mine.  I think I have narrowed it down to either my siphon pump or else the weather stripping I used to seal the lid of the keg.
Now, I know what you are thinking and you are absolutely correct... the idiotic weather stripping is probably the culprit.  I agree and I have no excuse for the lapse in reason that accounted for this foolish enterprise.

I also thought I would post up my recipe for all to share.  I always use the awesome (free) calculators hosted at www.tastybrew.com.  

All my recipes and brewing notes are publicly available at theabbey.catholicbeer.com.

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