28 August 2011

It pours!

Cold Irish brown ale is now pouring from my once-coke-machine kegerator.  The project was long in the making but the quality of craftsmanship acceptable.  


Different woods used:

Afromosia - Trim boards & drip tray
African Padauk - Back-lighted red colored wood used behind the cross cutout
Honduras Mahogany - Upper half with cross cutout
Standard dark Mahogany - Lower half where tap and drip tray reside
Ironwood - Louvered vent piece at the bottom and the tap handle mounting piece


  1. When I saw this, I said, "Jesus!" And then I noticed the Jesus figurine on the top... Brilliant work, lads. Brilliant.

  2. Man, can't wait to get my first draught outta that bad boy!

  3. saw this picture while cruzing the web for catholic taps for my keggerator. Looks awesome!