09 August 2011

Racked - Irish Brown (Batch 17)

With a little help from the Reverend I was able to get or latest batch racked last Sunday.  When I tasted it I was surprised to find it already fairly mature, so I decided to go ahead and rack one half and keg the other.

Pour one for me,

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  1. Recipe?

    What kind of Belgian Yeasts have you used & with what results. I'm about to taste my Golden Strong where I used, per a free pack from the HBS, of Abbey II. Pitched cool & ended the primary at about 79f. It's subtle as far as Belgian yeasts are concerned. I've used T-58 (spicy) & WL 500 (rounded) in a split batch of Dark Strong. Entered "The Black Horse" in a comp this weekend.

    Have you entered any comps & what were the results?