27 November 2011

A little warmth for the cold

It was decided that we should brew up an interesting winter ale for the season.  Since winter beers are often spiced with some nonsense or other I figured we should probably keep with tradition and throw something in. I thought galangal might be and interesting flavor combination since it is spicy and crisp and might combine nicely with a nice "piney," resinous hop.

Here is what we decided on.

Grain bill:

20 lbs Blegian Pils
3 lbs Crystal 80
1 lb CaraPils
1 lb Black Patent
1 lb Chocolate malt
4 lbs brown sugar

Boil additions:

2 ounces of Chinook at 60 minutes
Tincture of 2 ounces of juniper berries and 2 ounces of white pepper at 60 minutes
2 ounces of Chinook at 30 minutes
2 ounces of Simcoe at 15 minutes
2 ounces juice of galangal at and 0.5 ounces juice of turmeric at 1 minute

We are giving the conical another go.  Fingers crossed that we got rid of all the Brett.!  :)

On another note and a victorious one, we have finally finished re-assembling the pool table which means that we now need some digital displays in the pool room that read the temperature of the boil/mash and maybe some timers for how long until the next stage.  That would be nifty.  ;)

Pour one for me,


  1. oh! your interesting winter ale sounds delightful...

  2. Please procure my order for 2 cases of Catholic Beer Winter Ale 2011. I don't know what a galangal is, but I just know I'm going to love it. And that pool table looks fantastic! Great work!

  3. It's gonna be good! Can't wait to try it!

    I recently had 'la citrueille celeste de citracado,' a Collaboration between Elysian, The Bruery, and Stone, and it had some similar flavors though they put some totally crazy other stuff in it.

    They have it at the Tangletown Elysian Joel if you want to try it.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0nBIXXH__w&feature=channel_video_title

    Here is the youtube video of the Citruelle making.