30 December 2011

Tasting the Winter Pepper Ale!

First preliminary tasting of batch 18, the winter pepper ale.  The turmeric is the most surprising flavor as if comes through on the nose even before you taste it and is easily discernible even from the first sip.  This is far more prominent that I had planned or wanted.  I may attempt to increase the white pepper or juniper berries (or even some sea salt???) to help battle the turmeric.

It is also quite strong in roast character.  Upon reflection it appears that I did add a pound each of black patent malt and chocolate malt (that is 3.3% of the grain bill for each).  My expected SRM was 38 so I suppose I should have expected that flavor profile, but I still expect it will mellow out greatly as the beer ages.

Initially we had discussed dry hopping this beer, but now I question whether that will help balance the flavor out or just add noise to the palate.

It is carbonating now so we will see how that affects the experience... thoughts?

Pour one for me.

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