27 October 2012

Another? So soon? Are you sure that's a good idea?

That's right!  Roll out the barrel!  Let's get another batch fermenting on top of my fridge before the last batch's yeast have consummately porked out on all the fermentables.

I started early with coffee and pumpkin bread.  That soon turned to Folly Pack and Polish dogs when Eddie showed up.  Then Matt, The Squizz and my dad stopped by.  It was a happening shindig and there were no broken carboys!  (I ditched the carboy altogether in favor of a non-shatterable plastic brew-bucket).

A good brew-day.  Batch #020 sits atop my fridge and is currently weighing in at ~12-13% ABV! Yikes!  Batch #021 joined it today.  A Scotch Ale, the likes of which we have seen before during better times- together times.  I miss you brother.  Pour one for me.

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