28 December 2012

Ballard Breweries

As per the previous post, I took Brian on a pub crawl for his Christmas present.  Brian and I took the occasion to visit a few local breweries we had been meaning to try.  Due to time constraints, we were able to attend only two of the establishments on our long list.  After an easy ride courtesy of Uber black car service, we arrived in Ballard sober and eager to remedy such a state.  

We first stopped at Hilliards, where we quickly imbibed the Extra Special Belgian, the Nautical Reference pale, and the Chrome Santa California common.  True to Hilliards' reputation, these beers uphold the standards of digestibility and intrigue.  Although they don't make anything bombastic, and though you could ignore them, they are also worthy of attention.  

Next stop was Reuben's Brews, named after the owner's son, Reuben. The husband and wife team started this brewery only this year, already with walls heavily clad in national brewing awards.  We tasted the Imperial IPA and the Roasted Rye PA, both of which were delicious.  I sure wish I remember what these tasted like, but I can tell you I enjoyed every bit.  Mr. Reuben, if you a reading this (as I suggested per a conversation), I am deeply sorry that I am doing your tasty brews an injustice.  However, I do hereby promise to return with a thorough and well-deserved review...not that my opinion necessarily means anything to you, having earned as many awards as you.

After another less sober ride home with Uber, we arrived home just in time to open the wine for my Mother's birthday, enjoy dinner, and cap the night with cocktails.  I hope you all enjoy the Christmas presents you buy for your kin as much as I do.

Pour one for me,

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