26 January 2013

She Pours!

After a good two months not having the appropriate equipment to force carbonate and tap my keg of #021, I finally wrangled together a CO2 tank, regulator, tap handle and all the necessary hoses and connectors.  I'm still missing a kegerator, which is the reason why my beer pours so foamy (CO2 stays dissolved much better in cold beer).

The big question:  Where to put it all?  Being more or less stereotypically male, I like my garage and my tools.  Having a chrome tap tower mounted into my toolbench to pour myself a pint while I pause and consider the next step to whatever project I might be working on sounded like the best idea ever.  Although, I hear that alcohol and power tools are a hazardous mixture.  Meh.  

Special thanks go out to Ferguson Welding Service for providing the ridiculously enormous 50lb CO2 tank.  Also major thanks to Eduardo for letting me borrow his brand new regulator (and sharing the first gallon or so).  The Saint let me use his old chrometower which fits smartly amongst my toolbench paraphernalia.

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